You can enable macOS-like tabs in File Explorer in Windows 11

Start is All Back, a popular tool for fixing various annoyances in Windows 11, recently received an update with a new experimental setting that tweaks tabs in File Explorer. The current version of tabbed File Explorer (available for testing in the Dev, Beta, and Release Preview channel) looks more like the Edge browser, but the latest Start is All Back update lets you try a macOS-inspired variant.

File Explorer in Windows 11 with macOS-like tabs

To try macOS-like tabs in File Explorer in Windows 11, you need to run the latest build from the Dev channel and have access to the default tabs in File Explorer. After that, install Start is All Back 3.4.9a and enable the Win10 Ribbon UI or Win7 Command Bar option on the Explorer tab.

It is important to note that the alternative tabs for File Explorer in Windows 11 are a prototype feature, so you may encounter bugs or instabilities. Besides, the tabbed File Explorer itself is a one buggy thing that is not available for all users. If you want to try it, learn how to enable tabs in File Explorer in Windows 11 here.

Which variant of File Explorer do you like more? The one from Microsoft or the macOS-inspired alternative?

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