Tokyo Game Show 2022 key visual unveiled

Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association have unveiled the key visual for Tokyo Game Show 2022.

Illustrated by Kukka, the key visual is based on the theme of “Nothing Stops Gaming,” as this year’s event aims to promote the ever-progressing attractiveness of games from various perspectives to the broader public.

“I tried to use pop and bright colors to create a fresh, vibrant feel,” Kukka said in a press release. “Communicating and connecting with people over games have become part of our life. I had an idea to express this feeling in my work, but it wasn’t easy to show these connections in illustration. It was fun playing with the motifs of putting on makeup, which I was inspired by in-game character creation.”

As of July 6, a total of 465 exhibitors have signed on to participate in Tokyo Game Show 2022, including 299 from Japan and 166 from overseas, with 1902 exhibition booths—exceeding the organizer’s initial expectations of 1,500 booths.

The Indie Game Selected Exhibit project, which offers free exhibition opportunities for outstanding games at the Tokyo Game Show 2022 Indie Game Area, also received a record-breaking 583 entries. After the screening process, 81 titles were chosen for the Exhibit. Platinum sponsors include Sony Interactive Entertainment, Nintendo, and Kodansha Game Creators’ Lab; gold sponsors include iGi Indie Game Incubator; and device sponsors include ELSA Japan and BenQ Japan.

Tokyo Game Show 2022 will run from September 15 to 18 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan. Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association anticipates 150,000 visitors this year. Visit the newly launched official website here.

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