Teamsters Local 830 strike for better wages, hours; picket line could impact July 4 beer sales, availability

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Workers at three large beer distributors across the Delaware Valley are on strike, demanding better wages and hours for their workers.

Teamsters Local 830 – which represents thousands of drivers, warehouse/production workers and sales/marketing personnel in the regional beverage industry – went on strike Sunday against the Delaware Valley Importers Distribution Association, which includes Penn Beer Sales and Service, Origlio Beverages and Muller, Inch.

If the strike continues for more than a week, experts say consumers will likely see an impact on the big American national brands.

The three companies distribute popular beers including Miller products, Coors, Budweiser, and White Claw.

The union called the last offer insulting. They say they want higher wages and better benefits for workers.

“Compensation is always an issue, but what’s particularly problematic is the beverage companies’ proposed hours of work for our members – 12 hour shifts for five or six consecutive days. That’s excessive,” Teamsters Local 830 said in a statement.

The strike impacts Philadelphia, Bucks, Delaware, Montgomery and Chester counties.

People who work at beer stores say they understand why the workers are striking, but are worried about their business.

“Everyone has to make a living these days and with everything going up, it’s hard. It’s hard for everyone, and you know this company being a main artery right here on Grant (Avenue) and Academy (Road), I just hope we don ‘t lose any business,” said Natalia Neuls, who works at Beer Box.

The Delaware Valley Importers Distribution Association has not commented on the strike yet.

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