Senators Urge Investigation Into TikTok’s Data Security ‘Misrepresentations’

Two US senators are calling on the Federal Trade Commission to look into TikTok for “repeated misrepresentations” of how it’s used US user data.

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The senators, in their joint letter, asked for an investigation due to “apparent deception by TikTok” and suggested the app misrepresented corporate governance practices, data security and data processing.

TikTok Vice President Michael Beckerman, in a statement on Tuesday, wrote that company engineering teams “around the world,” including those in China, “might need access to data for engineering functions that are specifically tied to their roles.”

“That access is subject to a series of robust controls, safeguards like encryption for certain data and authorization approval protocols overseen by our US-based leadership/security team.”

Last month, TikTok announced it would move its US user data from Virginia and Singapore-based servers to a cloud platform, CNN reported.

The calls for an investigation come after a number of years of TikTok data security concerns and a Trump administration attempt to ban TikTok from app stores in 2020.


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