Prince Harry ‘should learn’ from King Edward, Wallis Simpson ‘exile’ after Megxit

Prince Harry is being asked to follow King Edward’s example from when he abdicated the throne and exiled himself from the UK for his wife Wallis Simpson, reported The New York Post.

Harry and his wife Meghan Markle stepped down as senior royals in 2020 and have since relocated to the US in what came to be known as Megxit, and their situation was compared to King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson’s by royal expert Andrew Lownie.

Edward famously stepped down as the King after he fell in love with Simpson, an American who had divorced her first husband and was in the process of divorcing her second. He was then made the Duke of Windsor.

writing for The New York Post, Lownie said: “In 1936, Edward withdrew from Royal duties to live abroad — but he never quite reconciled himself to his loss of status, and the ensuing years were to be marked by a series of disputes with his family.”

He continued: “The first (dispute) was over security, which Buckingham Palace felt the Duke of Windsor should pay for himself. Despite the squabbling, he ultimately enjoyed police protection until his death — a privilege only accorded to the Sussexes when in Britain. ”

Lownie further explained: “The second was over finances. Like Prince Harry, the Duke of Windsor had inherited considerable wealth — as well as savings made from the Duchy of Cornwall Estates — but it did not stop him complaining, like Harry, that he had been cut off financially.”

“Both issues contributed to a breakdown of trust and lingering tensions and suspicions with both the Duke and Harry complaining of poor parenting, fallouts between siblings and sisters-in-law — King George Vl’s wife Elizabeth could only refer to Wallis as ‘That Woman’ — and accusations that the ‘rogue royal’ was trying to upstage the dutiful one,” he shared.

Lownie then warned that with all the similarities in their cases, Harry and Meghan could be ‘frozen out’ of the royal family much like the Windsors were.

The expert wrote: “The Windsors were frozen out by the Royal Family. It will be interesting to see if the same strategy is deployed against the Sussexes.”

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