Mercedes says new GLC hybrid SUV could provide an all-electric daily commute

Mercedes says new GLC hybrid SUV could provide an all-electric daily commute

Mercedes has unveiled the new edition of its flagship GLC SUV, which the company says could operate exclusively on its electric drive for most daily trips.

Mercedes says that all variants of the new GLC hybrid model will come with a 100-kilometre electric range that would provide enough range to cover most daily commutes without the need to engage its petrol or diesel engine.

“Using the identical basic engines, electrification has taken another big step. With an electric output of now 100 kW, a torque of 440 Nm and an all-electric range of more than 100 kilometres (WLTP), day-to-day routes can mostly be managed all electrically,” Mercedes says.

The new GLC will provide greater priority to operating on its 245kW electric motor, including an “improved hybrid driving mode” that optimizes the use of its electric motor during longer trips.

The GLC’s electric motor will provide up to 440 Nm of peak torque, and can be engaged for speeds of up to 140 km/h.

“The improved hybrid driving mode provides electric driving mode for the most appropriate sections of the route,” Mercedes says.

“Electric driving is prioritised on longer journeys in urban areas, for example. Whether with one of the two petrol engines or the diesel: as plug-in hybrids, they are not only very efficient but also extremely dynamic on the road.”

The GLC will come with a 31.2 kWh battery, which it says can be fully charged with a 60kW DC charger in around 30-minutes.

It marks a doubling of the GLC’s electric range, with the previous edition of the hybrid GLC offering just 43km of all-electric driving.

Australian prices for the new hybrid GLC have yet to be released but are expected to come in at upwards of $90,000 for the base model.

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