‘Maggie’ Recap: Season 1 Premiere, Episode 1 on Hulu

Hulu’s maggie stars Rebecca Rittenhouse (The Mindy Project) as a psychic who possibly glimpses her own future love life — but can she see if you will be sticking with the romantic comedy?

Before you chime in with your thoughts on the series, which premiered Wednesday with all 13 episodes and was originally intended to air on ABC, a brief recap of the first episode: Maggie is offering psychic readings at a party, and we know she’s legit because she correctly sees that a woman had been cheating with her friend’s fiancé, leading to a big blowout between the pals. “The good news is you’re no longer going to a destination wedding over Thanksgiving,” Maggie offers.

Party guest Ben (The Baker and the Beauty‘s David Del Rio) approaches Maggie, who immediately tries to thwart his advances by explaining that she’s not a relationship person because “it’s too hard when you can see how someone dies. Or how long their eyebrow hair gets before that happens.” But Ben persists and convinces Maggie to give him a reading, during which she sees him falling in love, taking road trips with his partner, getting married, having a kid — the whole nine yards. Then amidst the baby stuff, Maggie sees… herself. Darting her hands away from Ben, she freaks out and abruptly runs off from their reading.

The next day, Maggie visits her own psychic, Angel (Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23‘s Ray Ford), who urges her to give I a chance after closing herself off for so many years. Maggie’s best friend, yoga instructor Louise (superstore‘s Nichole Sakura), also supports Maggie living in the moment, even as she herself tries to get scoop on her own romantic future. Maggie has a strict “no readings for friends” policy, but she does agree to accompany Louise in case her date is a serial killer or bad in bed. (She’s already seen a vision of Louise with mascara streaming down her face, so she knows the date ends badly.)

At the bar, Maggie literally bumps into Ben, who’s celebrating his birthday with his sister Amy (Life in Pieces‘ Angelique Cabral) and her partner Dave (Westworld‘s Leonardo Nam). She agrees to stay and the two of them hit it off so much so that they end up spending the night together at his place. But the next morning, just as Maggie is about to confess to Ben what she saw, she has another vision, this time of Ben marrying a mysterious brunette. So instead, she tells him that she already knows this does n’t work out and she breaks things off.

Cut to six weeks later, and Maggie has accepted her life of predetermined solitude and Mr. Rogers sex dreams involving lots of forehead kisses. But here’s something Maggie didn’t see coming: Her new downstairs neighbors are Jessie (The Carrie Diaries‘ Chloe Bridges), aka the mystery gal, and her boyfriend Ben! Turns out, they’d broken up twice before, and after he and Maggie hooked up, Ben ran into Jessie a couple weeks later and took it as a sign that you can’t fight fate.

The cast also includes Kerri Kenney (Reno 911!, Superstore) and Chris Elliott (Schitt’s Creek) as Maggie’s slightly oddball parents, who own the duplex she (and Ben and Jessie) reside in.

What did you think of maggie? Grade it below, then hit the comments!

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