It took him a minute but Go1 found a pretty legit touch of death combo in DNF Duel

DNF Duel is one of those fighting games where your life bar can explode from a single interaction, but actually KO’ing a character from full health still isn’t an easy task even with full resources — unless you have access to an infinite combo of course

The absolute lord of jank CAG|go1 Has been trying to push Swift Master as far as he can go in the game over the past week, and he’s now shared a touch of death combo with the wind mage that can take half of the roster out in seconds.

Obviously, Swift Master needs to be in Awakening and have full MP to be able to pull this off, but just landing a counter hit Relentless Biting Wind in the corner opens the gates of hell.

From there, Go1 abuses his character’s special property of being able to use Skills in the air to loop Wind Blasters a few times before getting extra stylish with a held Storm Strike into the Wind Orb to keep Kunoichi here from touching the ground.

The combo currently caps at 919 damage, which is enough to KO Swift Master, Launcher, Enchantress, Dragon Knight, Kunoichi, Inquisitor, Striker, and Ghostblade from full life.

In a game where every character seems near busted levels of powerful, Swift Master really brings out the Marvel vs. Capcom in DNF’s DNA, so it’s unsurprising that Go1 has the character at #1 on his tier list and putting his time into them.


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