Intel Arc A380 officially debuts in China, it’s slower and more expensive than Radeon RX 6400

Intel Arc desktop finally launched

Intel’s first desktop graphics card is now officially released. This launch focuses exclusively on the Chinese market.

Intel Arc A380, Source: MyDrivers

Performance evaluations of A380, Intel’s so far slowest and fastest desktop Arc Alchemist graphics cards are now published. The embargo on performance reviews has lifted and multiple Chinese outlets have released their benchmark results.

These reviews focus mainly on GUNNIR Arc A380 Photon OC graphics cards, which is an overclocked model with increased clocks and TDP. Furthermore, we have official data from Intel themselves, who are comparing their own card with GeForce GTX 1650 and Radeon RX 6400 graphics cards, both solutions are considered low-end. This data was shared by Wccftech.

According to this data, the A380 is officially slower than both solutions in gaming workloads:

Official Intel Arc A380 performance, Source: Intel/Wccftech

MyDrivers put A380 against GTX 1050 Ti model, which is soon to be replaced by GTX 1630. At least in this case A380 has a chance of being faster.

Intel Arc A380 performance, Source: MyDrivers

On AMD Ryzen 5 5600-powered system performance is even worse. It is estimated that Arc A380 on AMD platform is 17% slower than a comparable Intel system. This might explain why Intel strongly suggested that ResizableBAR support is required, and it was not guaranteed to work on AMD Smart Access Memory enabled systems.

Intel Arc A380 on AMD system, Source: Bilibili

In terms of pricing, A380 can now be found for 1399 to 1499 CNY, reports @Greymon55. That’s more than official MSRP of 1030 CNY and still more than AMD RX 6400 graphics cards. Some retailers are even putting A380 into very old 10th Gen Core systems, just to be able to sell some old inventory.

You can find all the data by checking the reviews and posts below.

Intel Arc A380 performance:

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