Google Play Store has a new logo, and it’s already appearing in parts of Android

It’s currently limited to a particular part of Google Pay and GPay

The Google Play logo is one of the company’s most iconic images you’ll instantly recognize when you’re perusing your Android phone. A new change is in the works to make a slight tweak to the Play Store logo with some new colors, but you’d be forgiven for not even noticing the change once it arrives. The logo has arrived already in a small capacity, but it’s unlikely you’ve come across it so far.

It isn’t yet the primary logo on the Play Store itself, but 9to5Google has spotted that it is visible within GPay and Google Pay ahead of any other apps. When you make a Play Store transaction, the new logo appears in a miniature, low-resolution version at the top of the details. It’s difficult to see the change, but the colors and shape are notably different when you compare the two side by side.


The blue and green look to be darker shades than we’ve seen previously, while there may also be some changes to the yellow and red shades, although those are less noticeable at first. The corners of the triangle are also more rounded than they were previously. This isn’t a complete overhaul of the Play logo, but it is a notable change you may notice when it rolls out properly.

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Google last redesigned the Play Store logo back in 2017 when it dropped the shopping bag icon. There haven’t been any major changes to the Play logo for the last five or so years, and this new change better aligns it with the company’s core colors.

It’s unclear when Google made this change for the Play Store logo and whether it is a permanent change we expect to see roll out to the rest of Android. If so, it may be gradual until it rolls out to the rest of the ecosystem.

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