Google Photo’s latest UI update makes sharing and organizing your photos that bit easier

The update brings a new card to share photos or edit your library quickly

A new user interface change for Google Photos is now rolling out to some users, making it easier to share multiple photos or edit your library without clicking into individual images. The new change comes in a card along the bottom of the screen once you select an image. The card gives you quick access to features such as Share, Add to, Delete, Order Photo, Move to Archive, Delete from device, and more.

The update isn’t appearing for everyone, but we’ve seen it on one of our devices and some Android Police readers who pointed out the change to us. It seems this is either a test for specific users, or it’s changing but is gently rolling out to specific users. The change arrives on devices running Google Photos 5.96, but it’s not part of a more extensive update.


This new UI change makes editing and moving photos easier without jumping directly into them to change anything. You can select one or multiple images at once, allowing you to change various elements easily.

If you drag up from the bottom when the card appears, you can also see other options and information, such as recommendations for who to send photos to on Google Photos. There’s also a feature so you can add to specific albums with recommendations from Photos, and then it’ll show your location in the photo.

We’ve seen a variety of tweaks in Google Photos throughout 2022, with the introduction of a way to trash photos directly from an album and an improved interface for seeing local folders. Google also announced a redesigned Library tab earlier in the year, but that has since been delayed, and we’re expecting to see significant changes to it before it rolls out to users.

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