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The latest update for Gran Turismo 7 is now available. It weighs in just under 300MB on PS4 and a little under 400MB on PS5 and, as expected, fixes a number of minor issues with the game.

Of those, two will stand out the most for players, and one quite literally. That’s the bug which changed the brake calipers on cars with custom liveries lime green, which is now fixed.

However the other is one that players were hoping wouldn’t be fixed: the Extra Menu Roulette Ticket glitch. This allowed for players to repeatedly receive four-star tickets and six-star engine tickets — and a free Honda NSX Gr.B — from the Extra Menus introduced in v1.17.

With the glitch it was possible to rack up the amount of tickets you’d receive in the equivalent of a decade of normal play. that somewhat highlights the extreme rarity of special, high-grade components and replacement engines, which are locked behind these roulette tickets; some still didn’t appear despite opening thousands of tickets.

However, the ticket “bonanza” has now been patched. That once again means GT Cafe Menu Books are the only source of one-off tickets, with daily workout mileage completion gifting one ticket of random level each day.

Among the other highlighted issues fixed are a problem with the Logitech G923 steering wheel controller, and a curious bug which crashed the game if the Honda Vision GT was the camera target in Music Replay. The update also fixes an issue with gearbox settings and another with save data transfer to different consoles.

For players expecting new content — and that all-important ability to sell cars — we’re expecting the next content update to come towards the end of July, if Polyphony Digital sticks with its pattern for GT7 and that of much of GT Sport‘s life too.

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