It looks like Drizzy has finally offloaded his prized YOLO Estate. According to TMZ, the main residence of the massive California compound has finally been left after the rapper struggled to sell the entire property. Though the asking price was at $14.8M, Drake managed to offload the property for $12M.

Cole Burston/Getty Images

The YOLO estate was actually made up of three homes in the Hidden Hills area. Drizzy initially copped the main residence before scooping up the neighboring homes. He put the entire compound up for sale in March before reaching the interest of huge celebrities like Britney Spears and even Caitlyn Jenner. Ultimately, Matthew Stafford, the quarterback for the Rams, dropped a cool $11M on the two smaller homes.

The main residence boasts 12,500 square feet with plenty of space for hosting. There’s a recording studio in the home, along with a wine cellar, tasting room, and a 25+ seat theater. The backyard includes a spa grotto, swim-up bar, and a pretty big waterslide. There’s also a basketball court, volleyball court, tennis court, equestrian ring, and a horse stable.

The news that the rapper was selling the estate arrived after an alleged stalker managed to get on his property numerous times. Drake was ultimately granted a restraining order against her but it doesn’t seem too surprising why he’d want to switch locations.