Could ‘The Terminal List’ Get a Season 2?

The first season of Amazon Prime’s The Terminal List dropped on July 1, and the series already has a dedicated fanbase.

The first season is classic action/thriller fare, offering up reminders of heavy-hitters like the Bourne series and Mission: Impossible. It follows Chris Pratt in the lead role as Navy SEAL Lieutenant Commander James Reece, a man working to uncover a deep-rooted plot that puts the lives of everyone he loves at risk. It’s action-packed from start to finish, effectively scratching the action movie itch for a range of viewers. The show quickly collected new fans, many of whom already have their sights set on season two.

Will there be a season two of The Terminal List?

season one of The Terminal list began development all the way back in 2020, leaving fans to await its release for more than two years. Thus far, reception to the series — and its controversial lead — has been mixed, as reviewers and audiences starkly disagree on the quality of the new Prime series. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a 36 percent average Tomatometer score, but its average audience score is leagues higher at 92 percent. The presence of the book behind the series’ author among the production staff likely contributes to far higher opinions among viewers, with Jack Carr as advisor helping the show to remain rooted — at least partially — in its literary origins.

The show’s dour storyline is largely behind its lukewarm reception among critics, many of whom ping it for both excessive “gruffness” and a “relentlessly grim narrative.” In general, the movie seems to be a typical action movie in longer form, tossing in plenty of gunfights and explosions, but offering up little character growth or emotional complexity to ground its military-minded storyline.

Despite this, the first season collected plenty of fans over its 8-episode run. Viewers who enjoyed the classic action vibes of season one are already clamoring for more, and more is almost guaranteed to come. Cleverly released ahead of Independence Day weekend, the movie did relatively well in viewership, and is likely to continue to bring in viewers for several months, at least.

Amazon Prime has yet to order a second season of the series, but another season is all but guaranteed. Unless the show’s production costs proved too high for its return, the series is an obvious choice for Prime. Similar action-oriented series like Jack Ryan and Reacher have done well for the service, and The Terminal List offers up similar potential.

Plus, there are still a wealth of books in Carr’s collection to be adapted. The former Navy SEAL wrote a full four sequel novels in the Terminal List series, and more are yet to come. There’s plenty of potential for several more seasons of The Terminal List, assuming audiences are interested. Given the chatter around the new series, fans can likely expect an announcement of season two within the next few weeks.

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