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Back in May, we revealed our official Cosplay Cosmodrome, an epic undertaking that showed off just how talented our amazing community truly is. We were thrilled to partner with talented cosplayers worldwide to bring Savathûn to life in terrifying detail. Through the power of cosplay, each creator took to the task beautifully, showcasing their talent in a way that has our jaws on the floor. Watching the progress unfold on each of their socials has been a delight and we are ecstatic to share the glorious final product of their efforts with the Destiny 2 community

Willow Creative (Benelux)

WhereisDanielle (ANZ)

LittleBlondeGoth (UK)

Lily Bean Cosplay (US)

You can find her on Instagram and learn more about her craft in our Community Focus here.

Kamichan83 (IT)

Mowky (DE)

Cinderys (FR)

You can find her on twitch, Instagram, twitterand her personal site here.

Anhyra (SP)

Solomon Taisa (JP)


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