Cancer July 2022 Horoscope: Time To Celebrate

Don’t let anyone underestimate you, Cancer. You’re *so* much more than a cry baby, because your Cancer July 2022 horoscope says you’re quite savvy with your finances! Since you only spend your money wisely, it’s no surprise that you were riding on monetary high in June. Keep some money stashed away in the bank this month, because increasing financial wealth is all about playing the long game!

Action planet Mars enters Taurus on July 5, reigniting a long-standing relationships with your colleagues, especially your former colleagues. An old coworker may send a DM, text or email on LinkedIn asking if you’re down to take on a new role at their company. They could even refer you to a gig that pops up on their feed! The out-of-the-blue offer will be beneficial and will be an amazing opportunity. Don’t ignore the message and leave it on the back burner.

After a whole month of internalizing emotions and experiences, the upcoming weeks will give you the opportunity to finally express how you feel. When communication planet—Mercury—aligns with your Cancer sun sign July 5, you may finally get the answers you’ve been searching for. Don’t resist the temptation of your intellectual curiosity!

Due to your hard crustacean shell, you’re known to only share your feelings with those who you feel safe with. However, you’re finding the support you require before you’re ready to speak up. Not only will your friends rally around you during the full moon in Capricorn on July 13, and when Venus connects with your sun on July 17, but you’ll feel comforted enough to let your emotions pour out. Don’t be afraid to bust out a box of tissues if needed and let your heartfelt sentiments be known. And if you want to satisfy your sentimental Cancerian self, make sure those tissues are your favorite color.

Treat yourself to something nice around July 17 and July 19. You work incredibly hard and deserve to relish in the fruits of your labors. If you’ve been lusting after or we can get away with friends, then book your plans online and head out of town. The point is to indulge in a present that you wouldn’t normally get for your birthday. Make it a celebration that counts. Go big or go home this year! After all, the month ends with a sparkling new moon in Cancer on July 28, launching a bright new start.

Be open to all possibilities that the universe is bringing your way—especially on July 31. This is when Uranus will combine forces with the North Node of Destiny, which could cause a surge of electricity in your social network. You never know what—or who—can lead you towards your dream job, so don’t be afraid to mention you’re open for business!

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