Burger King employee receives thousands from David Spade after goodie bag story goes viral

Newly former Burger King employee Kevin Ford went viral on social media after it was revealed that he had received a rather sub-par goodie bag after working at the mega fast food chain for the past 27 years. Several netizens were shocked by the contents of the retirement gift. Actor David Spade also became aware of the gift and decided to make it better.

Kevin Ford went viral online after he showed his small bag of gifts that he received from HMS Host, the company from which Burger King hires staff. The employee who worked at the Burger King Las Vegas airport branch said that he felt like the company had sent him stuff which “they had lying around.”

The small see-through gift bag included a bag of Reese’s chocolate, two pens, a Starbucks reusable cup, and a movie ticket. Although Kevin Ford expressed gratitude for the gift, he felt let down by the organization he had worked for. It was also revealed that the father-of-two never took a day off from work. He admitted:

“I’m happy about anything, I’m thankful for anything I get, I’m not that type of person, believe me. I’ve been through a lot. It’s a great company, you know, I’ve been there 27 years. But like most big corporations, they’ve kind of lost touch with their workers, and through COVID and whatever, they started cutting out programs.”

Kevin Ford revealed that employees received checks to work with the company for 20 years, so he was convinced that it was what he would receive. However, he ended up receiving only one movie ticket.

David Spade responds to Kevin Ford’s story

After hearing about Ford’s disappointing retirement gift, actor David Spade donated $5,000 to the employee who had recently retired. The actor took to a GoFundMe fundraising campaign, which was created by Ford’s daughter.

Sources also shared that the comedian had slide into the employee’s DMs to congratulate him for his hard work. TMZ reported that Spade wrote:

“Keep up the good work. 27 yrs.”

Ford responded to the same:

“Holy f**t dude!!! Cannot Believe This!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH For even Watching the Video! I Love You My Brother!!! Much Love and God Bless… I think might be able to take a Day Off…”

Spade hilariously responded to the same, saying, “Wait till year 30.”

Ford said to the same:

“Damn, Are You One Of My Managers??? Thank You Again Sir, Your the Best, Have A Great Day…”

The GoFundMe was created by Seryna Ford to ensure that every father Kevin Ford gets the retirement gift he deserves. At the time of writing this article, the fundraiser has amassed $41.101. Over 1,000 donations were made to the campaign.

Burger King responds to Kevin Ford’s retirement story

After the employee’s story spread like wildfire across social media platforms, LADbible approached Burger King to comment on Ford’s retirement experience. The restaurant chain claimed that they are:

“committed to recognizing and celebrating the achievements of the thousands of people serving across a wide range of roles — all dedicated to providing our Guests a world-class experience.”

Burger King claimed that Ford, a Team Member, received a “peer-to-peer reward in recognition of short-term positive performance/experience.”

The restaurant chain also stated that they provide their employees with “robust employee recognition.”


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