3 Defensive tackles Cleveland Browns should add before camp

Andrew Berry and the Cleveland Browns have continued to build up their roster, but they still have a big hole at defensive tackle.

Andrew Berry and the Cleveland Browns have continued to build up this roster. After trading for guys like Amari Cooper and Deshaun Watson, many believe the Browns are now contenders instead of pretenders.But fans still can’t get the taste of the 2021 season out of their mouths.

There were a lot of heartbroken people when they learned that the organization was moving on from Baker Mayfield, but at the end of the day, they upgraded purely from a football perspective. Watson has the ability to make plays and throws that very few in the league can.

However, there are still a few holes on this roster, and one of the most troubling positions in my opinion continues to be defensive tackle. Berry should consider one of these three veterans to fill the void.

Cleveland Browns DT Target No. 3 – Danny Shelton

Sep 29, 2019; Orchard Park, NY, USA; New England Patriots defensive tackle Danny Shelton (71) on the sideline prior to a game against the Buffalo Bills at New Era Field. Mandatory Credit: Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

After the Instagram post from Joe Haden hinting at a return to the Cleveland Browns, why not consider Danny Shelton? Another former round one pick that previously exited the organization but could be a huge value in 2022.

Shelton wasn’t a bad player, but he needed to learn to be a pro and never lived up to the first-round expectations. That doesn’t mean he isn’t a good NFL player, but he was never going to make Browns fans happy the first go around. He also had some issues of loafing on the field, which I think have since been addressed.

Everything you read from the “analytical gurus” of the NFL says that defensive tackle is one of the least important positions on the roster. And while I think Berry believes in analytics, he gets a bad rap for following it precisely. But he has when it comes to the interior defensive line.

I’m tired of watching the defense get gashed up the middle. With small linebackers that can run, a guy like Shelton could plug up the middle and keep a ton of big plays from happening. At this point the asking price is cheap, and he fits perfectly.

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